36 Days of Type

B is for Bauhaus
D is for Disney
F is for facebook
G is for Milton Glaser (He designed famous «I ♥ NY» sign)
H is for «Houston, we have a problem«
I is for Inception
J is for Jodorowsky (He directed The Holy Mountain – one of my favourite movies)
K is for Korova Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange (The bar serves milk laced with drugs – moloko plus. My brothers!)
L is for El Lissitzky (Russian artist, suprematism experimenter, geometric abstraction lover, co-founder of constructivism)
M is for Mondrian 
N is for neon
P is for pipe
R is for Rubik’s Cube 
S is for smoke
T is hiding 
U refers to abstract composition created by Katarzyna Kobro
V is for Massimo Vignelli
W is for weirdo
X is for xXx
Y is inspired by Aizone project

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